4 Things to Do After Escaping a Fire

4 Things to Do After Escaping a Fire

It is important to know about what to do after we manage to escape a fire. There are several things that everyone need to understand to ensure everyone’s safety. In this article, we will elaborate several things you can do after escaping a fire.

Here are several things you need to do after going out from a burning house.

• Count your family members: after you escape from your house, make sure to do a head count to check is all family members are safely getting out. If you find someone is missing, make sure to re-enter your house ONLY if the condition is safe enough for you to do so. If it is impossible for you to re-enter, make sure to immediately inform the first responders when they arrive at your house. Likewise, make sure to inform the firefighters if everyone is able to escape safely, so they do not have to send their people to look for people inside the house and endanger their lives.

• Call local emergency number: during emergency situation, including fire, make sure to call for emergency numbers. In North America, it is 911, 111 for New Zealand, 000 for Australia, and 999 for United Kingdom. You can also call 112 from your mobile phone if you live in UK. This number is being a priority on your mobile phone because there are too many unintentional calls made to 999. Number 112 is also applicable to every part of Europe. If necessary, the network will direct your call to your local emergency number. If you don’t bring your mobile phone with you, then you can call it from your neighbor’s house.

• Assess for any injury: after the firefighters arrive, check for injury on your family members and yourself. If you find any, inform the fire department or medic so they can tend the injuries immediately. If the injury is not severe, you can try to tend by yourself in case the responders are too busy to take care of the fire.

• Make sure to keep a safe distance from the burning building to avoid any collapsing structure. Take the important measures after the fire just to be safe.

The list above already explain several things you can do after escaping a fire in your house. You need to make sure every family member know local emergency number so any of them can make an emergency call as soon as possible.