5 Useful Tips for Ranchers in Texas to Handle Wildfire

Handle Wildfire

As one of the area where wildfire often occur, it is important for ranchers in Texas to prepare themselves to face the emergency situation. In this article, we will elaborate several useful tips for ranchers to follow in case of sudden wildfire.

Some of the tips for ranches to handle a wildfire in Texas are listed below:

• Inform nearest fire department immediately once a wildfire breaks. Make sure to have extra combination lists and gate keys to be given to the responders. You need to be ready for coordination with the fire crews if you possess prior contracts for several equipment use.

• Evacuate your cherished possessions, livestock, pets, and family to a safer place as soon as you spot the wildfire and monitor the condition. If you want to take care of your property, you need to make sure that you consider your family first. Decide who evacuates and who stays based on their vulnerability. Make sure no elderly, young children, or ill family members are staying at the property.

• Provide your knowledge regarding the area near your living area to the fire crews. The knowledge you have regarding the land geography, fence lines, water sources location, and access roads can provide useful help to the fire crews that probably are not familiar with your living area.

• Create a good communication with fire operations. Give permission, offer assistance, and ask questions. If your ranch catch a fire, the fire crews will have to stay communicating with you. Understand and be patient that there are a lot of moving parts to an operation to tame a wildfire. There are many times where decisions need communication between multiple stakeholders and probably will take longer than you expected to.

• Do not jump into conclusions or panic. Both ranchers and firefighters in Texas possess the same objectives whenever a wildfire happens. Those objectives are to protect livelihoods, property, and lives. Stored hay and grazing areas may be a huge loss for the rancher. By communicating with local fire operations and sharing your knowledge to them, the fire crews will be able to perform an operation efficiently and effectively while protecting the things that are important

The list above already explain briefly about several useful tips for Texas ranchers on how to handle a wildfire. The key to a successful operation is communication between fire operations and ranchers, so make sure to cooperate with the fire crews during the operation.