6 Safety Tips to Face a Fire

Safety Tips to Face a Fire

When our house catch a fire, it is normal for everyone to be in panic. However, it is also important to know what to do when there is a fire and how to prevent a fire. We will give some useful tips for your family in this article.

You can read several tips regarding facing and preventing fire on the following list below:

• You need to fall and crawl to escape a fire. By crawling, you will be able to breathe easier while escaping during a fire. Before you open a door, check the temperature with the back of your hand to make sure it is not hot. But if the door you choose is hot, find another way out instead of persisting on the current door.

• During a fire, you need to go outside. DO NOT HIDE. Fires are indeed scary and you may want to hide from it, but hiding under beds or in closets is PROHIBITED. You will not be able to get away from fire by hiding, and most furniture at home is easily burned. So the best way to get away from fire is to go outside, no matter how scary it is.

• When you change the time of your clocks to Daylight Savings, make sure to change the batteries of your smoke alarm. Change it to fresh batteries so the smoke alarm will remain awake and monitor the fire even when everyone is sleeping.

• Do not forget to test smoke detectors each month. You need to make sure every family member in your house is familiar with the sound of smoke detectors. Inform them that the piercing sound means emergency situation or danger. Tell them to quickly escape if they hear the sound.

• Make sure to install smoke detectors on each floor and within the sleeping areas of the house. This equipment is important to save lives. Make sure to inform every family members, especially your kids, on where the smoke detectors are located so everyone will know where the source of the smoke is.

• Do not let your kids play with lighters and matches. Make sure to put both things in places where kids cannot reach them.

Those are some of the useful things you can follow to avoid catching a fire in your house. It is important to do preventive measure so you can prevent severe casualties in case a fire actually broke. Make sure every family members follow these things.