6 Things You Need to Do during a Fire

Things You Need to Do during a Fire

No one wants their house to catch a fire. However, it is very important to prepare ourselves for the worst. In this article, we will give several useful tips on what to do during a fire.

The list below will explain the tips on what to do during a fire.
• React immediately after you hear the sound of smoke detectors: if the smoke detector is ringing, you have to try to exit your house as safely and soon as possible. The smoke from the fire will make you sleep even deeper if you do not react immediately. Ignore your phones and important possessions. Focus on getting out of the house as soon as possible.

• Find the safest exits: avoid any door that has smoke appearing under it. The smoke is poisonous and it will surely followed by fire. If you cannot see any smoke from the door, check the temperature of the door using the back of your hand. If it feels cool, you can use that door, but if it is hot, try to find other exit.

• Avoid inhaling smoke: make sure to crawl your way out instead of standing to avoid inhaling smoke. Cover your mouth and nose with wet clothes or rags if you can to help filter the smoke.

• Stop, drop, and roll: if you find your clothes is on fire, stop moving, drop yourself and roll your body until the fire is out. Make sure to put your hands to cover your face while rolling your body.

• Ward the smoke off in case you cannot get out: there might be a chance where you cannot escape your house. In this case, do not panic. Close the door and make sure to cover every cracks and vents near the door with tape or cloth to keep out the smoke as long as possible.

• Call for help through a second floor window: do everything you can to get into the area where the firefighters are able to see or hear you. Take a white cloth or anything and put it at your window. Open the window and stay close to it until the firefighters save you.

Those are several things you need to do during a fire in your house. Make sure all of your family members are informed regarding these things so they can act immediately in care a fire occur. Create an escape plan and practice it at least twice a year.