Best Fire Museums Across the USA

Best Fire Museums Across the USA

Who wants to be a fireman? Well, you may hear that questions asked to kids and mostly they will say yes excitedly. Although they haven’t become firemen or you can’t be a fireman, you can go to the fire museums with your kids. They will be happy to learn about fire and maybe you can bring out your childhood memories about wanting to be a fireman.

• Michigan Firehouse Museum and Education Center
The building itself is a restored firehouse so that it is just the right place to be a firehouse museum. This Michigan Firehouse Museum a grant from the MotorCities National Heritage Area Partnership. You can see a large collection of fire truck bells in this museum as well as the history of State of Michigan firefighting.

• Fire Museum of Greater Cincinnati
Cincinnati is the first place to have a professional paid firefighters back then in 1853. Therefore, it is right that the city had a big contribution to the USA fire service nowadays. Not only because of the exhibition, but this museum is also well known for the safety and fire prevention education for all ages which is so interesting for the kids.

Fire Museum of Greater Cincinnati

• African American Firefighter’s Museum
The first and only museum dedicated to African-American firefighter is this museum in Los Angeles. This museum was built in honour of Samuel Haskins who was a slave and became the first African American in Los Angeles. This museum wants to show that the firefighters evolved a lot for the matter of racial and social discrimination.

•Los Angeles County Fire Museum
In this place, you and your kids can learn about the history of American fire service, especially what Los Angeles Fire Department has done. This museum collected equipment and apparatus from the late 19th century. What steals attention the most is the large collection of EMS exhibits, including the ambulance from 1970’s television show Emergency!, Squad 51.

Visit the museums to learn more about firefighting including other aspects of firemen history in the USA. It is also a good place for you and kids to learn about safety and also fire prevention. Have a nice trip!