Characters A Firefighter Should Have

Characters A Firefighter Should Have

If you decide to have a career as a firefighter, you should know that you need to have these kinds of traits. It’s not only about physical fitness, but you also need to have a good attitude to serve other people and safe lives.

Excellent Communication Skill
You need to have good communication skill since you will work in a team. A firefighter doesnít come alone. They have a team with different jobs for each member, therefore a good communication should be built to do the work and put off the fire immediately. Just imagine if there is chaos because of lack of communication, the firefighter may risk lives if that happened. So, make sure you have the skill.

Adaptability and Flexibility
A firefighter should be flexible such as can sleep anywhere, eat anything available, and be professional anytime and under any circumstances. You should need to be flexible to be placed in any team immediately and also should not be a burden for other team members.


A dedicated firefighter is the most wanted to be in the team. When a firefighter has a dedication to what they do, they will do the job as best as they can without looking for any appreciation.

Now the Limit
The firefighter should know the limit. It is a heroic action to go through the fire to save lives, but it doesn’t mean to be self-sacrifice act all the time. A firefighter needs to calculate anything possible so the risk can be minimized. Not only that, but they also need to know when they need more help from other units.

Good Public Image
A firefighter should maintain a good public image since they are public servants. A good image will help them to reach people so the public will listen and respect them well. The public will disrespect firefighters with not-so-good attitudes and it can cause trouble later. You should ensure yourself to do anything appropriately, especially in public.
Get yourself ready with those traits and join the firefighter academy. Good luck!