Fire Museums in The United States of America

Fire Museums

There are various types of museums. There are museums of vehicles, ancient museums, museums of architecture, and so on. One type of museum that is interesting for you to visit with family is the fire museum. As the name implies, this museum stores various kinds of relics belonging to firefighters in an area. The museum belonging to the firefighters is a means of educating the public about the activities of firefighters and also the history of the formation of a fire department. In this world there have been many fire museums. Below are some of the extinguishing museums in the world.

Fire Museum in the united states and its content

The United States is one of the countries that also has a fire museum. One of the fire museums in America is the New York Fire Department Museum. As the name implies, this museum is located in New York, precisely in Manhattan. If you visit this museum, you can watch various kinds of objects, record archives, and photos of firefighters’ activities in New York. The fire museum in New York is also a storage area for various relics of the September 11, 2001 tragedy. The entrance ticket is also very cheap, in examples $ 8 for adults and $ 5 for children. This fire museum in New York has always been a destination for tourists, both local and foreign.

Inside the fire museum you with fans will encounter many interesting tidbits that related about the firefighter itself. For examples, there are list of fire fighter vehicle evolution throughout the century. From the most traditional one to the most advanced one. This list of vehicles are applied specifically into the museum in order to give greater references regarding the power of the fire fighter in the united states of America and even though it has many evolution, it still need to be remodel again in order to make it much more effective and efficient against fire.

Not to mention the bread and butter of fire fighter which is the tools of their trade. Yes, inside the fire museum you mostly will see some of the fire fighter equipment side by side. From their protection clothes, fire axe, hose, helm and many more. All of these can be seen inside the fire museum. Which is perfect to give better insight on how the technology have made fire fighter job much easier and also safer. This can be a great references for people who are designing fire fighter equipment as well a good reference for people who are aspire to become a fire fighter themselves.