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Boy Scouts at the Fire Museum

Scouts of all ages are invited to experience the Fire Museum of Texas. Tours are made available after school, evenings and weekends for no fee. (Donations are encouraged)

The Fire Museum of Texas has something to offer all ages. Guided Tours are by reservation are made available by calling Ami Kamara, Museum Manager at 409-880-3927.  Tours can include a turnout gear demonstration from fire fighters and fire safety education.

Tiger Cubs at the FireMuseum:

Go to a library, historical society, museum, old farm, or historical building, or visit an older person in your community. Discover how family life was the same and how it was different many years ago. Fire Museum of Texas Ask us about we can arrange for your group to talk with a retired firefighter who lived and worked out of the Old Central Fire Station

Where I Live:
Visit a police station or fire station. Ask someone who works there how he or she helps people in your community. 

Tiger Cub Electives  Collecting and Other Hobbies See the collection of badges, patches and fire memorabilia  Fire Safety Drills, crafts and educational material made available to troops

Wolf Achievement at the Fire Museum

Know your home and community
Visit an important place in your community, such as a historic or government location. Explain why it is important. The Fire Museum is located in a 1927 Historical Building.

Start a collection: Patches available for troops who want to start a collection for a minimal fee. We've got lots of neat things, fire engines, fire equipment, and even a wall of fire department patches!

Family Fun
Complete the Character Connection for Cooperation.
.Know - Discuss these questions with your family: What is "cooperation"? Why do people need to cooperate when they are doing things together? Name some ways that you can be helpful and cooperate with others. Know a family fire escape plan and practice it at the Fire Museum. Talk to real fire fighters about cooperation and team work.

Commit - Discuss with your family what makes it hard to cooperate. How do listening, sharing, and persuading help us cooperate?

.Practice - Practice being cooperative while doing the requirements for "Family Fun."   Plan a walk. Go to a park or a wooded area, or visit a zoo or museum with your family.

Bears at the Fire Museum

What makes America Special? See the history of the Fire Service
With the help of your family or den leader, find out about two famous Americans. Tell the things they did or are doing to improve our way of life. (Did you know that Ben Franklin formed the first volunteer fire company in America? Come visit the Fire Museum of Texas and we can tell you all about it)
Find out where places of historical interest are located in or near your town or city. Go and visit one of them with your family or den. Downtown Beaumont has 10 National Register Properties within walking distance of the Fire Museum.

Complete the Character Connection for Citizenship.
....Know - Tell ways some people in the past have served our country. Tell about some people who serve our country today. (Don't forget about "ordinary" people who serve our country.) The History of the Beaumont Fire Service will reveal Fire Chiefs and other City of Beaumont  Officials contributions to the area.
....Commit - Tell something that might happen to you and your family if other people were not responsible citizens. Tell one thing you will do to be a good citizen. (What if nobody fought fires in the 1800s? What if we didn't work to prevent fires today?)
....Practice - Tell three things you did in one week that show you are a good citizen.

Tall Tails
Tell in your own words what folklore is. List some folklore stories, folk songs, or historical legends from your own state or part of the country. (Ever hear about Mrs. O'Leary's cow and the great fire of Chicago.)
 Read two folklore stories and tell your favorite one to your den.

The Past is Exciting and Important: Visit your library or newspaper office. Ask to see back issues of newspapers or an almanac. (We’ve got a great archives filled with newspaper clippings here at the Fire Museum)
Trace your family back through your grandparents or great-grandparents; or, talk to a grandparent about what it was like when he or she was younger. Visit a retired firefighter who worked out of the historical Central Fire Station.
Find out some history about your community. (Beaumont Fire Department History)
Complete the Character Connection for Respect.
....Know - As you learn about how Cub Scout-age life was like for adults you know, does what you learn change what you think about them. Tell how it might help you respect or value them more.
....Commit - Can you think of reasons others might be disrespectful to people or things you value? Name one new way you will show respect for a person or thing someone else values. (Visit a fire station, do a service project or prepare a meal for the firemen)
....Practice - List some ways you can show respect for people and events in the past.

Bear Electives

Collecting Things
Mount and display a collection of emblems, coins, or other items to show at a pack meeting. This can be any kind of collection. Every time you show a different kind of collection, it counts as one requirement. (Come see our collection! We've got lots of neat things, fire engines, and even a wall of department patches!)

Webelos at the Fire Museum

Citizenship - Belt loop and Pin Requirements
• Attend a community event or visit a landmark in your community. The Fire Museum is listed on the Texas Historical Register.

Collecting - Belt loop and Pin Requirements
Visit a show or museum that displays different collections.
• Give a talk about your collection to someone other than your family. Give a description of your collection, including a short history. Explain how you got started and why you decided to collect what you do.
• Show how you preserve and display your collection. Explain any special precautions you must take including handling, cleaning, and storage. Note precautions for dampness, sunlight, or other weather conditions.
• Find out if there is a career that involves what you collect. Find out what kind of subjects you need to study to prepare for such a career.

Heritages - Belt Loop and Pin Requirements
Talk with members of your family about your family heritage: its history, traditions, and culture. (If you have any Beaumont  firefighters in your family, chances are we've got some photographs or information about them in our collection)
• Interview a grandparent or other family elder about what it was like when he or she was growing up.
• Work with a parent or adult partner to organize family photographs in a photo album.
• Visit a genealogy library and talk with the librarian about how to trace family records.



Boy Scout Merit Badges
Talk with us to see how we might help you fulfill the requirements for these merit badges Opportunities await the right Scout!

· American Heritage
· Architecture
· Collecting
· Citizenship in the Community
· Fire Safety
· Public Speaking




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