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Facility use agreement form

Fire Museum OF TEXAS

Facility Use Information


The Fire Museum of Texas encourages the accessibility of its facility to all visitors.  Groups and individuals wishing to enhance their event with the unique atmosphere encountered at the Fire Museum may request use of a room or rooms at the museum for a variety of programs.


Facility Use Guidelines:


1.  Smoking is not permitted inside the museum or within 25 feet of the entrance.


2.  Visitors are asked to keep off the vehicles. The simulator is the only vehicle anyone should board or touch. Please respect our collection. Touching the fire equipment and artifacts is not allowed.  Running and horseplay is not permitted.  Any unruly groups will be asked to leave the museum.


3.  If advance set up is needed, schedule and coordinate extra time with the museum director. No crepe paper or tissue of any kind on the musuem grounds.


4.  If needed, use of kitchen facility includes: table & chairs, microwave,

refrigerator, and sink appliances.  Bring your own plates, napkins, food,

drinks, and utensils.  Please leave kitchen clean after your event. A clean up

fee will be assessed if the kitchen is not cleaned.


5.  No food or drinks allowed outside of kitchen and state room next to kitchen. Please help protect our collection with this request.


6.  Damage to the museum or any of its property is the sole responsibility of the event sponsor.

Financial enumeration for the cost of repair/replacement will fall on the event sponsor.


Violation of any of the above general guidelines may result in expulsion from the facility.


7.  The service/use fee is determined and paid in advance.  Checks are to be made out to: The Fire Museum of Texas


8.  Signed contract with payment must be returned to the museum office no later than 1 week prior to the event.


9.  The Fire Museum of Texas reserves the right to cancel any special program within as little as one week prior to the time of the event with just cause.  In case of an extreme fire department emergency, the Museum may cancel special programs at any time.


10.  You must give at least five days notice if you have to cancel your event.  If you cancel with advance notice, your rental fee will be returned.  If you fail to give proper notice, no portion of the rental fee will be refunded.  Please sign and return this sheet with your check.



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