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About FMOTThe Fire Museum of Texas opened in 1986 and is endorsed by the Firemen’s and Fire Marshals’ Association of Texas as, “The Official Fire Museum of Texas”. Operating as a 501 (c)(3) the Museum is managed by a Board of Directors through a partnership with the City of Beaumont. The Museum is recognized as one of Texas’s Best FREE places for individuals, groups and families to visit.

Dedicated to the preservation and education of the rich history of the fire fighting service, fire prevention education and fire safety, the Museum is housed in a working historic 1927 Central Fire Station.

The two story building recognized as a Texas Historic Landmark is an unusual style of Renaissance Revival architecture. The masonry eagle above the first floor bays and the colored tiles compliment the masonry cornice.

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Located in downtown Beaumont the museum is within walking distance of multiple museums, restaurants and ten significant sites on the National Register of Historical Places. Just two blocks from the Crocket Street Entertainment District the offers visitors the opportunity to view vintage fire engines and equipment and memorabilia dating back to the late 1600’s.

Visitors won’t want to miss the 1909 Aerial ladder truck, the 1856 Howe Hand Drawn Pumper, the 1931 Light Truck used for search and rescue in the 1937 New London School Explosion and the Gamewell Call Box Alarm System used before there were telephones. Children will love the two-story interactive miniature house designed to practice fire escape plans and the opportunity to dress up and sit behind the wheel of a real fire engine.

The operating hours are Monday- Friday from 8:00 am until 4:30 p.m. Admission is free. After hour tours and facility rental for private functions are available by calling 409-880-3927.


3 Tips for Fire Prevention in Texas
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3 Tips for Fire Prevention in Texas

In a place like Texas, where fire can break easily, it is very crucial to do preventive measure to avoid severe casualties. To help you prepare yourself and your family, this article will explain several things you can do for fire prevention. Tips for Fire Prevention in Texas You can read the things that you can do to prevent a fire in your house on the list below: • Make an escape plan for your family and practice it. This can be considered as the best way to prevent fires at houses. You need to create your plan elaborately and practice it with your family at least twice per year. It is important to get yourself comfortable with such routines and make sure everyone’s mind will be clear enough to carry the plan out if necessary. Plan two different ways for everyone to escape from every room. There is a high chance that one way will get blocked by either smoke or fire, so it is important to prepare for alternative exit. Practice escaping by closing your eyes, being in the dark, and crawling. • Ensure that your house is prepared. Regularly check the smoke detectors in your house to make sure they are functioning well. Change the batteries to a fresh ones if needed. Check your windows to make sure it can be opened easily and the screens can be removed quickly. If your windows have security bars, make sure you have devices to release it quickly. Every family members should be able to close and open these windows. By preparing your house for fire, the chances of staying safe will be improved greatly. Tips for Fire Prevention in Texas • Practice safe behaviors: there are several safety precautions you need to understand to prevent a fire in your house, such as opting for lighter instead of matchsticks, checking the gas before leaving your kitchen, avoiding using candles in unattended rooms, disposing electronics that contains frayed wires as it can lead to fires, avoiding smoking inside the house, avoiding leaving your kitchen unattended when you are cooking, and teaching your kids that fire is not a toy. Make sure very family member is practicing these behaviors. By practicing these behaviors, you will highly reduce the chances of catching fire in your house. The paragraph above already explain some of the things you can do to prevent a fire in your house. It is very important to make sure all family members participate so everyone knows what to when the house is catching fire.
Things You Can Do to Prevent House Fire while you’re on a Vacation
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Things You Can Do to Prevent House Fire while you’re on a Vacation

After working hard all year round and saving your money so much so that you have only two meals every day, the time for you to go on a vacation has come. You cannot be more eager than before to pack your bag and plan the things you want to do. That is all fine and game; you earn it. You deserve some time off the house to relax and embark on a journey full of adventures. At this point, it is easy to think that home is not something to think about. After all, you will be spending time by the beach soaking the sunlight and sipping from a glass of exotic refreshment. A vacation should be that one moment where your mind does not flying back to your house. You must live by the moment and a holiday getaway to a tropical jungle or a pristine beach is as by-the-moment as it gets. However, as much as it is enjoyable and spirit-lifting, the moments you spend in your getaway will come to an end and you will have to go back to your house. If you don’t want to think about your home during the vacation, think about what you will be coming to after the vacation. And gamblers that like to nonton film need to do the same way. Living in the moment is good and so is minding your wellbeing beforehand. This includes how you manage to protect your house while being so far away from it. Prevention against theft is a must but while robbery is bad, at least there is still a house to come back to. What about the other thing? Let’s put it in a more blatant way; what would it be if your house was burned down while you are dancing in a tropical club by the beach?
Here are some things you can do to prevent you from having to come back from a vacation to a pile of ash and this is also needed by bettors who get into the :
Start with the electronics. Make sure that everything that requires you to plug them to an electrical socket is unplugged. Electrical malfunctions can happen anytime. Unplugging the items off the sockets will ensure that fire risks are put in check. And your electrical bill will also lower. And don’t forget the kitchen. Make sure that the gas is turned off and other appliances in there are unplugged.
Check up on your home smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. See to them that they work the best they could. Find out if any of those detectors require battery replacement. As a rule of thumb, the batteries of those detectors should be replaced yearly, smoke detectors should be after 10 years, and carbon monoxide detectors should be after 7 years. If your home isn’t fitted with those detectors, you might want to invest in some first before going on a vacation.
Use alarm monitors. The monitors plug directly into the electrical sockets and are connected to your handheld devices. Upon signs of fire manifesting or smoke being present, the monitors will notify you through an app, via text massages, or by email. You can then take actions accordingly.

The Worst Fire in Texas History

The Worst Fire in Texas History

The worst fire in Texas history was the Bastrop County Complex fire that took place in September and October 2011. It all began with three separate fires that struck on September 4, 2011 with Tropical Storm Lee exacerbating situations. The fires then merged into one, burning the eastern area of the city of Bastrop. The fire took the life of two people, burned down 1,673 homes, and property damage that was estimated to be around $325 million.

The ancient Lost Pines Forest and Bastrop State Park were also consumed by the blaze. Large part of the fire was contained by the end of September. On October 10, the fire was declared contained. The fire then relocated underground throughout October until it was fully extinguished on October 29. In the months leading to the Bastrop County Complex fire, the state of Texas and many gamblers of the agen sbobet was there took a beating from a number of wildfires during a string of meteorological conditions (some of which were record-breaking) that made the area largely suitable for combustion. The year 2011 was a moment when Texas suffered from immense drought, the most severe since 1950s. The state also saw low precipitation level during that year, the lowest since 1985. The period of June to August of 2011 was also the state’s hottest, far hotter than any other states at any time on record—it was even hotter than the Dust Bowl in the ‘30s.

Tropical Storm Lee generated strong winds during the weekend of Labor Day, which helped the fires to propagate. As many as 63 new fires started through the course of a period between September 4 and September 6. Two separate fires started on the afternoon of September 4. High winds blew quickly and the two fires merged, setting 400 homes ablaze. On the southern section of Texas State Highway, close to the Tahitian Village, another fire started hours later, which then merged with the bigger fire. On September 6, the winds had been largely calmed but the fires still had no containment. It was reported by Texas Forest Service on the morning of September 7 that at least 785 homes had been burned down to the ground by the fire and that only 30% of the fire was contained. Destroyed homes counted to 1,386 by the morning of September 8.

On September 11, 50% of the fire was already in containment and fortunately all gamblers that play were safe. Some residents who evacuated previously were allowed returning back to their home amidst efforts to fight the remaining fires. At this rate, at least 1,500 homes had been burned down. The fire was 80% contained by September 16 and more evacuees were allowed coming back to the area. Light rain fell in the area affected by the fire on September 17, causing 85% of the fire to be contained. September 27 saw 98% of the fire contained and there were no fires occurring beyond containment lines. Cleanup operations took place on September 30 but the fire was still ongoing. It was only until October 10 that the fire was declared fully contained. Debris removal efforts cost $25 million, $19 million of which was a contribution of FEMA.

What to Do During a Fire
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What to Do During a Fire

The first thing to keep in mind when you are in a fire is to know your way out of the building. Therefore, you should begin preparations way before the disaster takes place: by familiarizing yourself with the building plan. The big idea is to get out of the fire quickly and safely. Learn and memorize the escape plan in case of fire. Know by heart how many exits the building has. Being in a room with the door opened makes it easy for you to escape but what if the door is closed? First, see if the other side of the door is set ablaze.

Check if there is smoke or heat coming in through the cracks around the door. If smoke is coming under the door, leave it closed. If there isn’t smoke, touch the door to see if it’s hot or warm. If it is, leave it closed. If the door isn’t warm or hot but the doorknob is, leave the door closed. You may open the door only if the door (and the knob) is cool and there is no smoke coming in the room. If everything is fine, you can proceed to run toward the exit. Open it carefully and as slowly as you can. All of the things above are also needed by bettors of the Sbobet

However, when upon opening the door there is heat and smoke bursting into the room, shut the door back closed and block all the cracks to stop the smoke. In the event that you are unable to open the door, you should try to yell for help. Or if you are on the ground floor, just go out of the window directly but make sure that the area below it is safe.

If you’re in a high-rise flat and there is no means of escape through the window, open the window and scream as hard as you can so others know that you are unable to escape. If a phone is present, you may also try to call firefighter officers directly. Just do not ever hide anywhere in the room lest it would be difficult for the firefighters to find you. Open the window wide and stand in front of it. Cover your mouth and nose with a piece of clothing to prevent inhaling smoke. If possible, wet the clothing first.

During your attempt to reach an exit door, stay as low to the ground as you can possibly do and this step is also important for gamblers. In a fire, the resulting smoke naturally rises. And it is the smoke that more often than not hurt people, far more often than the flames themselves.

Crawl on your knees and hands on your way out. The moment you get out of the burning house, stay outside. Don’t even think about getting back inside to save pets or toys or gadgets or something else. If firefighters are present around you, you can ask them to try to save your pets but that won’t be their priority. If your clothes catch fire, do these: stop, drop, and roll. You need to stop to prevent fanning the flames, drop to direct the flames upward so they don’t hurt your face and head, and roll to extinguish the flame.