The Main Attractions You Need to See in Fire Museum of Texas

It is something that you cannot deny that a museum has a lot of old things. However, that does not mean that you will only see the old things in a museum, at least, not in Fire Museum of Texas. In this fire museum, there are some nice objects that you can use as your photo background. As an addition to that, these attractions can also be considered as the must-see attractions in FMOT. Here are some of those attractions.

The first one is the largest hydrant. This giant hydrant is located on the front area of this museum. With the height reaching 24 feet, it is hard not to notice this giant hydrant in FMOT. For your information, this hydrant is not a mere decoration since this hydrant can be used to put out the flame. The maximum water capacity of this water hydrant is reaching 1,500 gallons of water. The next one is the Firefighter Memorial. Actually, this statue is made to appreciate the whole Texas firefighters, but since this fire museum is the main fire museum in Texas, the statue is built here.

The next third one is the 9-11 Memorial Spot. This spot attracts a lot of attention, especially because of the fact that this spot is the spot where you can remember all of the sacrifices from all of the firefighters helping on that incident.

Even though this spot is not a happy spot but this spot is surely one thing that attracts a lot of attention because of the things that are placed as the reminders of the 9-11 incident. Those are some of the main attractions that you can find in Fire Museum of Texas. In conclusion, if you think that there are only old things that will bother you in this fire station, you are totally wrong.