What to Do During a Fire

What to Do During a Fire

The first thing to keep in mind when you are in a fire is to know your way out of the building. Therefore, you should begin preparations way before the disaster takes place: by familiarizing yourself with the building plan. The big idea is to get out of the fire quickly and safely. Learn and memorize the escape plan in case of fire. Know by heart how many exits the building has. Being in a room with the door opened makes it easy for you to escape but what if the door is closed? First, see if the other side of the door is set ablaze.

Check if there is smoke or heat coming in through the cracks around the door. If smoke is coming under the door, leave it closed. If there isn’t smoke, touch the door to see if it’s hot or warm. If it is, leave it closed. If the door isn’t warm or hot but the doorknob is, leave the door closed. You may open the door only if the door (and the knob) is cool and there is no smoke coming in the room. If everything is fine, you can proceed to run toward the exit. Open it carefully and as slowly as you can. All of the things above are also needed by bettors of the Sbobet

However, when upon opening the door there is heat and smoke bursting into the room, shut the door back closed and block all the cracks to stop the smoke. In the event that you are unable to open the door, you should try to yell for help. Or if you are on the ground floor, just go out of the window directly but make sure that the area below it is safe.

If you’re in a high-rise flat and there is no means of escape through the window, open the window and scream as hard as you can so others know that you are unable to escape. If a phone is present, you may also try to call firefighter officers directly. Just do not ever hide anywhere in the room lest it would be difficult for the firefighters to find you. Open the window wide and stand in front of it. Cover your mouth and nose with a piece of clothing to prevent inhaling smoke. If possible, wet the clothing first.

During your attempt to reach an exit door, stay as low to the ground as you can possibly do and this step is also important for gamblers. In a fire, the resulting smoke naturally rises. And it is the smoke that more often than not hurt people, far more often than the flames themselves.

Crawl on your knees and hands on your way out. The moment you get out of the burning house, stay outside. Don’t even think about getting back inside to save pets or toys or gadgets or something else. If firefighters are present around you, you can ask them to try to save your pets but that won’t be their priority. If your clothes catch fire, do these: stop, drop, and roll. You need to stop to prevent fanning the flames, drop to direct the flames upward so they don’t hurt your face and head, and roll to extinguish the flame.